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"There is one inexhaustible aspect of everyday life that never dulls, namely the simple pleasure of eating and drinking."

Baguette Salads is the place where you can find healthy alternatives to the food you crave!

From cooking in mom’s kitchen to a flourishing food career, we have been doing this since long. Our rich experience shows through beautiful, flavourful and unpretentious food together with Baguette’s , fresh vegetables, rich meat and unique kinds of sauces. BaguetteSalads offers one-of-a-kind salad. Nourishing, wholesome and completely irresistible salads is on a mission to introduce our uniquely healthful menu to our community of thinkers, do-ers and lovers of life.

We at BaguetteSalads are dedicated to becoming your number one choice, known for the freshest, tastiest and healthiest salads. BaguetteSalads aims to send good vibes and deeds and remain a champion for quality, for value and for kindness in our thoughts and actions.

We believe that inner wellbeing contributes to outer beauty, which is why we focus on simple procedures made from baguette’s bread. In this ever changing and hectic world we invite you to escape to a place where traditional simplicity is cherished. We bring simple and elegant taste to the palate. Here our bowls carry the warmth to welcome friends with ease. Here we nurture, inspire and feed the souls.

"Delicious food made simple." These words are our mission. We want to make the ordinary special and the special extraordinary. Our success comes from the commitment to the quality you’ll know with every bite that each dish was made with care and special attention. The other key factor to BaguetteSalads is our dedicated staff and loyal customers. We stick to the constant bustle of activity that takes place behind the shop.

We make up each and every salad as we go, which leads to a lot of trial and error at the end of the day, but ultimately we believe that every salad we create comes from the ultimate creator. So whether you are grabbing a quick bite, sitting down with your family, we are at BaguetteSalads it’s a promise to impress. We pour our hearts into creating foods that are delicious and loved by all.

BaguetteSalads creates Food You Can Love, food without harmful chemicals and heavy processing, food from the farmers we know and food that respects the environment. The genesis of BaguetteSalads "Keep It Real." We do more than just serve food that’s better for environment. BaguetteSalads is a perfect fuel for India’s non-stop lifestyle. Choose the fresh and wholesome salad just the way you like it.

And so here we are today. We hope the world is just a little better with us around and that you’ll join us in helping to KEEP FOOD REAL.